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Tero Vido 3D System Basic Ground Scanner Metal and Gold Detector

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    Tero Vido 3D System Basic Ground Scanner Metal and Gold Detector
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TERO VIDO 3D System – Basic Plus Metal Detector

The Tero Vido 3D system device for accurate detection and localization of soil anomalies. It is based on measuring technology and recent development of Tero Vido UG, Germany. The whole device has been developed and manufactured in Germany. This detector helps you to discover and discriminate all kinds of metal. Included a software that shows whether you found magnetic metals such as iron or steel, or precious non-magnetic metals such as gold, silver or copper. In addition, the Tero Vido system is the most suitable for detecting and locating underground gaps, such as bunkers, graves, tunnels or other rooms.

One thing that makes the Tero Vido system very special, in addition to the exact location, is the deep penetration of the ground. Depending on the size of the object, significant depths up to 18 m can be achieved. The proprietary software Multilingual User interface is currently available in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian.

The Tero Vido 3D system is built in an extremely simple way and can be used by anyone after a short training period. It consists of the discrete and light ground scanner and a portable computer (tablet). There are no cables or heavy batteries that prevent the machine from working.

The user scans the terrain with the sensor and the scan results are displayed in real time on the computer screen. Immediately after the end of the measuring process, the results can be analyzed in the software. The data will be stored on the computer and can be retrieved when necessary. The storage capacity as well as the size of the measuring field is almost unlimited.

The high-resolution graphic, one of the best and most detailed resolutions on the market, along with the numerous adjustment options in the software, facilitate rapid detection of metal or vacuum and determine its depth and size. The system offers repeatable results and a control analysis will confirm the measurement result. You can also use the Tero Vido 3D system for metal discrimination and see if your finding is made of ferromagnetic metals or precious non-ferromagnetic metals. The Tero Vido 3D Systems is a multi-purpose device and can be used in any terrain condition whether sandy, rocky or clayey. Small metallic anomalies in highly mineralized terrain can be filtered with the software.

Included from the factory:

  • Tablet with preinstalled Tero Vido 3D software
  • 85 cm Vertical Sensor 1
  • 50 cm Horizontal Sensor 2
  • Mounting bar and handle for horizontal sensor
  • USB-Dongle for data exchange between sensor and computer
  • Charging cable and adapter for USB 12 V DC and 220 V AC
  • Instruction Manual
  • Flexible carrying case for tablet with touch screen protection
  • Solid transport box for sensors and tablet, Peli case - waterproof
  • Headset (Bluetooth / WiFi).

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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyze the equipment well, since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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